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Travel to India

Travel Advise

India, the land of wonders, offers the best of holiday vacations the visitors. The country is rated among the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Thousands of tourists visit this exceptionally beautiful country every year and return with sweet memories that last for a lifetime.

While traveling in India is completely safe and enjoyable, it would be better to take certain basic precautions on your Fascinating India Holiday Tour. Fascinating Holiday may need some travel advise to make your journey in India a pleasant experience.

Consult your doctor before you start for India to ensure that you have had any required vaccinations or shots.

Make copies of your passport, visa and other important documents and keep them separate from the originals. As a precautionary measure carry the originals with you at all times.

All international credit cards such as Diners, American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted in hotels, shops and other commercial establishments including the tour operators.

Water sold in sealed plastic bottles is perfectly safe to drink. Look for established brand names such as Bisleri, Aquafina or Kinley and check the seals of bottles before drinking.

Standard electric voltage supply in India is 220 Volts. Bring an adapter plug with you, or you can easily buy one from any hardware store.

Be careful of con men or people posing as guides.

Cyber cafes with Internet and phone facilities can be found all over India, so communication with family and friends back home is not a problem. Besides, all hotels have communication facilities.

Never forget to carry your essential medication with you. Though doctors and chemists stores are easily available in India, the brand names can differ and your specific brand of medication may not be available.

Exchange your money only from authorized moneychangers such as Thomas Cook or numerous Indian Banks, which offer this facility.

Certain places of worship may not allow foreign tourists to enter. Others may allow entry with certain codes of conduct. Removing footwear, covering the head etc. If you wish to enter religious shrines, dress modestly and respect local customs.

There are certain areas such as military sites, bridges and airports where photography is prohibited. Don’t break the rules.

In case of any trouble, immediately contact the nearest police station or your embassy.