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Abstract Preparation

There are two types of abstract submission which you can choose during the submission process:-
• Original Scientific Research
• Educational Exhibit

Original Scientific Research Material suitable for scientific presentation includes original research or important new observations with demonstrable results. The abstract will be assigned to either oral or poster presentation category after acceptance depending on the score assigned to the abstract. If the presenter feels that their material is only suitable for presentation as a poster, please choose “poster only” during abstract submission.

A structured abstract needs to be submitted, respecting the word limit of 250 words. Abstracts exceeding the word limit will not be accepted by the website.

Purpose: Provide a succinct statement regarding the background of your study and what was the aim of the study.

Materials and Methods: Describe the nature of the subjects, methods of selection, materials used and the kind of statistical analysis done.

Results: Describe your results in a logical sequence.

Conclusion: The conclusions should be drawn directly from the results of your study. Describe the implication of your findings and any limitations to your study.

References (Optional): Number the references in the order they appear on your abstract.

Educational Exhibits (Poster presentations only)
Scientific exhibits that highlight a technique, concept or subject. Examples include review of a topic, pictorial essays and “how-to” demonstrations. The abstract must include the following:

Learning Objectives
• Background
• Imaging findings
• Conclusion and/or Teaching points
• References (optional)